JULY 7 - 9, 2017



Unable to attend the entire conference or a full day of workshops? Join us in the afternoon during one of the Lecture Series at the Monroe Convention Center. The lectures feature speakers that are regarded highly in the belly dance community within the United States and worldwide. Topics include lectures in Belly Dance history, music, costumes and more.

LECTURE SERIES - Registration includes:
2 - 3 hours of Lectures (depends on day registered)
Vendor room available for Lecture Series participants after 5 pm on Friday & Saturday

Regular Price: Fri $20 / Sat $20 / Sun $15
At Door: Fri $30 / Sat $30 / Sun $20 (If space available) 

NOTE: Performance tickets are not included in Lecture Series packages.

REGISTER HERE (scroll down to the daily Lecture Series selections)  
You may register for a combination of days (Fri & Sat, Fri & Sun, Sat & Sun)


2:00 pm - DONNA CARLTON - Little Egypt: Updates and Anecdotes - The author of Looking for Little Egypt shares further tidbits and anecdotes about the notorious entertainer known as Little Egypt.

3:15 pm - KATYA FARIS - Raqsat Katya - "The Dances of Katya":  Music-Making in the Bellydance World in Detroit, Michigan - Since 2012 Katya has been performing as a raqs sharqi bellydancer in the largest Arab American community in North America, Detroit, Michigan. This CD is a labor of love and it showcases the musicians that Katya has come to know and the music that we love.  In this lecture Katya will give you a window into the dance music that makes that community thrive, and the musicians behind it.  

4:30 pm - SHIRA - Before Tahia - Glimpse through a window into the past, and discover the fascinating stories of the great dancers who achieved stardom in the century before Badia Masabni and her dancers ushered in the modern era of Egyptian dance.


2:00 pm - RAKSANNA - Egyptian Belly Dance: From Ancient Pharaohs to President Sisi - Belly dance is the oldest recorded dance in human history. Its roots trace back more than 6,000 years to hieroglyphs carved into the walls of ancient Egyptian temples. Today, Egypt is still considered the homeland of belly dance with modern artists gracing the stage. Get a historic perspective of the dance and the dancers, discover the legends and meet some of today’s hottest Egyptian stars in this interactive educational workshop.

3:15 pm - CASSANDRA SHORE - A Working Dancer’s Life - Making a living as a professional performer of Raqs Sharqi 1975-2010. Sharing experiences, trends, fads, fun and folly.

4:30 pm - SHIRA - The Queen of Theaters - Shira’s lecture will take you back through time for a look at the theatrical techniques employed by memorable artists of the past 150 years and the experience they created for their audiences. Explore how Egyptian stars brought theatrical spark to their dance while preserving its Oriental essence.


2:00 pm - JEANA JORGENSEN - Communicating through Cholis: Group Identity and Aesthetics in Tribal Belly Dance Costumes - Lecture description: Belly dance costumes, especially in tribal style belly dance, exhibit folkloric characteristics in terms of their creation, assemblage, and communication. This lecture will use an academic folklore studies framework to help interpret the many meanings of belly dance costumes in various contexts.

3:15 pm - SHIRA -  Egyptian & Tribal: Sibling Rivalry, Sisterly Love
Join Shira in examining the family relationship between Egyptian and tribal style dance – what they have in common, and how they conflict.