Ethics in Bellydance

LEILA GAMAL is an internationally acclaim Middle Eastern Dance artist whose career spans over three decades. She has thrilled audiences with performances enriched with womanly strength, sensuality, and acute musical sensitivity.

As master teacher, Leila inspires students on every level to reach their greatest potential with an emphasis on movement concepts rather than specific stylization. She serves as a conduit to the ancient essence of the dance providing a solid foundation so that each dancer, beginner or seasoned professional, takes from her instruction a greater understanding of the history, physiology, and musicality of Middle Eastern Dance.

— Chicago Magazine on Leila’s nightclub show
 Leila’s artistry is extra-ordinaire.
A dancer with unlimited potential
— Ibrahim Farrah
Leila Gamal’s ease in movement has an underlying, subtle explosiveness that captures attention.
Leila’s onstage presence projects a vital femininity and a lyricism certainly comparable to the Egyptian dancers of the lyrical period such as Samia Gamal.”
— Arabesque Magazine
Leila Gamal, a pro for over 3 decades, will teach you to move in controlled, undulating waves...Beginners chuckle at their first spastic convulsions, but the burn they feel in their abs, thighs, hips, and arms is no joke.
— Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine on Leila’s class