Performer Submissions will close on April 20, 2017 at 11:59 pm (EDT)

Performer Submissions are open for the Friday evening show, Spectacular Shimmies, on July 7, 2017. This will be the place for you to shine and bring out your best. The choreographic works selected will showcase a variety of different belly dance styles. The performances are open to the public.

If you do not find your question answered in the Performer Submission FAQ, feel free to email any questions. 


February 15:  Performer Submissions Open
April 20:  Performer Submissions Close
April 21 - April 30:  Performer Submissions Reviewed
April 30:  Notification emails on acceptance and wait list will be sent by this date.
May 20:  Performers need to be registered for the conference no later than this date, have tech sheets and music turned in. If all items are not completed by this date, the performer will be replaced with performer(s) from the Wait List.


Any style of Belly Dance is happily accepted for submission. 

There are limited amount of performer slots available in Spectacular Shimmies. Submitting a Performer Submission form does not guarantee a performance slot in the show. 

To be considered a performer in the Friday show, you must be a registrant of the conference and submit an online performer submission form.

If your music is listed under BMI and/or ASCAP repertoire, the license for the music to be played in both of the Spectacular Shimmies performances will be covered. If you want to check your music, go to: BMI and/or ASCAP and type in the name of your song title/artist. Both have catalogs containing over 10 million musical works from around the world.

If you are submitting a choreographic piece in a style of fusion Belly Dance, the piece should have approximately 50% belly dance movement.

Stay true to your choreographic piece. If you are submitting a Sa'idi piece, wearing a Sa'idi costume and using Sa'idi music will work in your favor whereas performing Khaleegy, wearing a Melaya Leff costume and performing to Bon Jovi may not. Basically, have your performance, music and costume relate.   

You may submit up to 2 submissions just as long as the pieces are very different. For example one can be a folklore and one can be a fusion tribal piece or 1 solo and 1 troupe. If you are submitting 2 solo pieces, do not have them in the same style. 

Provide 1 - 2 video links of your performances to show your performance style and the style of dance you will be performing.  

If there is a large interest in performing, other performance opportunities will open depending on venue availability. Possibilities are after the Friday and Saturday evening performances in a smaller venue or on Sunday around 5:00 pm at the Monroe Convention Center.