Egyptian Belly Dance: From Ancient Pharaohs to President Sisi
Belly dance is the oldest recorded dance in human history. Its roots trace back more than 6,000 years to hieroglyphs carved into the walls of ancient Egyptian temples. Today, Egypt is still considered the homeland of belly dance with modern artists gracing the stage. Get a historic perspective of the dance and the dancers, discover the legends and meet some of today’s hottest Egyptian stars in this interactive educational workshop.

Performing artist. Choreographer. Author. Director. Educator. These are only a few reasons Raksanna is known and loved all over the world. With a rich background in Oriental and Egyptian folklore dance, Raksanna is internationally recognized for her authentic, powerful and exciting style. A regularly featured instructor and performer across the globe, her vast experience spans North America, Europe and the Middle East.  She travels to Egypt twice a year to continue her training with the world’s most respected artists; in fact, she just returned from her 25th trip to the birthplace of belly dance.

Raksanna directs Raksanna’s Desert Flames, an award-winning, touring dance company and teaches on-going classes in Chicago. Her credits include producing Confessions of a Belly Dancer ™, a full-length touring theatrical show with shows in Off-Broadway NYC, Chicago, Kansas City and Detroit, and publishing five corresponding books in the series (www.lulu.com/raksanna). She recently collaborated with world-renown composer Yassir Jimal to produce her first CD album, Mirage, featuring brand new music for belly dancers. For more information, please visit www.raksanna.com.