Before Tahia
Glimpse through a window into the past, and discover the fascinating stories of the great dancers who achieved stardom in the century before Badia Masabni and her dancers ushered in the modern era of Egyptian dance.

The Queen of Theaters

Shira’s lecture will take you back through time for a look at the theatrical techniques employed by memorable artists of the past 150 years and the experience they created for their audiences. Explore how Egyptian stars brought theatrical spark to their dance while preserving its Oriental essence.

Egyptian & Tribal: Sibling Rivalry, Sisterly Love
Join Shira in examining the family relationship between Egyptian and tribal style dance – what they have in common, and how they conflict.

Shira is known worldwide for her work as a researcher, author, lecturer, and publisher of information on Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture. She has been interviewed by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for stories on Middle Eastern dance, and is highly sought after as a contributor to magazines centered on this art form. Her web site,, is the most comprehensive and most linked-to Oriental dance Internet resource in the world. For continuing education, she has traveled three times to Turkey, twice to Morocco, and eleven times to Egypt.