JULY 20 - 22, 2018



Experience everything that shimmies.

Shimmy Con will be the first belly dance event of its kind in Indiana. Consisting of workshops, lectures, panel discussions and performances, Shimmy Con will give dancers in the Midwest a place to come together and share our wonderful art form in a supportive, fun and professional atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to learn, share, grow, be inspired, evolve, meet new people and create new friends.

The journey of the belly dancer is wide and complex. Be inspired and enjoy the dance that you can move to for your entire life. Come to Shimmy Con and experience everything that shimmies.



Inspiration can come unexpectedly.

When I started belly dancing, I attended many dance workshops, retreats and festivals.  I would travel over 3 hours or fly to attend larger events.  While traveling, I kept thinking why don’t we have something like this in Indiana.  This thought sparked the idea of creating a unique belly dance event in Indiana.  But, due to life and a crazy work schedule, my art and dance dreams were pushed to the back of my mind and grew cobwebs. 

In the spring of 2016, I attended an Arts Start Up seminar through the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington that focused on how to produce a show.  A glorious thing happened at this event. I had the opportunity to speak with event professionals in the Bloomington Community and I realized that I actually had a plan for an event already worked out in my head.  Voilà!  The creation of Shimmy Con began.

I grew up with a dance background in ballet and jazz.  In 1999, I started belly dance and fell in love with the dance and the music.  This led me to becoming an instructor and performer.  In the muggle world, I have a muggle job.  I graduated from Indiana University in Fine Arts with focus in Studio Art.  My job history includes being a Bookkeeper, Executive Assistant, Accounts Associate, Production Manager, IT Specialist and Operations Manager. All of these experiences help me bring Shimmy Con to life.


Sometimes the most important things are the small things.

I have the most important job and if I need to be tough, I will be. My job is to keep Eiko on task….well what I think are the most important tasks. I make sure she goes out for walks when she needs to relax. Also, I make sure she has me cuddle in her lap when she is working. If she is too focused, I sit patiently and try to look super duper cute. If that doesn’t work, I resort to extreme measures and I drag my cold wet nose on her leg. That breaks her concentration quickly and I get cuddles. Oh, I like to carry socks around and say woowoo.  That always makes Eiko giggle.