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I performed last year, can I send in a performer submission this year?
Yes, performers from the previous year are welcome to apply for this year. However, please submit a different piece than what you performed last year. You will go through the same selection process as before. Performing last year does not guarantee you a performance slot for this year.

Will you accept submissions after the May 30 deadline?
I'm sorry, this is a firm no.  There is a short time to review all of the submissions and send out acceptance and wait list emails by June 5. 

Do I have to register for the conference by May 30 to submit a submission?
No, if your submissions is selected, you have until June 25 to register for the conference. However, if the conference fills up and you don't register in time, you will not be able to perform.  

Do I have to submit my performer submission online?
Yes, to make the review process easier, the submission form conveniently puts all the data in an easy to use format for the review panel.  

How will I know if my submission was received?
When a submission has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours that the submission has been successfully received.  If you do not receive this confirmation email, contact us right away.

When will I know if my submission has been selected?
By June 5, a notification email will be sent out to all everyone who sent in a submission. If the submission is selected, information will be included with performance information and a tech form.  If the submission is not selected, the performer(s) will be put on a Wait List.

How many pieces will be selected for the show?
Depending on the length of each piece, approximately 15 pieces will be selected.

How long is the show?
1st and 2nd half will be approximately 45 minutes each with a 15-minute intermission between them.

What are you looking for in a performance piece?
Any style of Belly Dance is happily encouraged to apply. The show will be open to the public and it will show a sampling of as many different Belly Dance styles as possible. Performance selections will be curated with works that provide a well-rounded show for the audience.

Why do I have to describe my performance?
This field is probably the most important part of the Submission Form. Describing your piece (especially if you do not have video of the specific piece) will help in the review process to understand what your performance will be and will help with selection if a multitude of performances are submitted under the same style. For example, lets say 10 submissions are sent for performances in ATS Bellydance and only 1 can be chosen.  What will make your performance stand out from the others? Is it your stage presence, staging, story of your performance, costuming, something special about the performers, etc?  Along with your video and your description, it will give a better picture of your performance and what you want to present.


Why do I need to provide a video links of my performances? 
Your video will be very helpful in curating the show. For example, if your style is similar to another performer, the both of you would not perform back to back in the program. 

What do I do if I don't have a video link?
You can upload a video to Youtube and set it to private. This link will not be available to the public and the only way someone can see it is if you give out the link.  Make sure you select the proper settings to set privacy. 

What will you do with my video?
The video is only for review purposes. It will not be used for any publicity. 

What if I don't have a video of the style of dance that I wish to perform?
Do not let this deter you. Submit a video of any performance so the review panel can see your performance style. Explain in thorough detail what you plan to perform, reason for no video, etc.  


What are the time limits for the performances?
Solos/Duets (3 - 5 min) and Groups/Troupes (3 - 7 min)

Do I have to perform up to the minimum amount of minutes? 
No, just stay under the maximum time limit. Shorter pieces are welcomed. That way more performances can grace the stage.


What is the size of the stage area?
The stage area will be approximately 8' x 12'. This is not set in stone. If you have concerns, please send an email.

What floor type will I be dancing on?
Either carpet or dance floor

Will there be lighting options?
At this time, there will be no lighting options. 

Will there be a tech time before the performance?
Yes, if you are selected, you will need to fill out the Performer Tech Sheet that will be included in the acceptance notification email. The tech sheet will have details regarding tech time.

What props can I use? 
Any props can be used as long as it is easy to carry on and off stage. Not allowed:  no fire, no smoking and/or burning of incense or any substance, and no confetti.  Basically, do not use anything that can cause damage to the convention center and/or cause lengthy clean up or set up.